Command-line tools for astronomy and astrophysics
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 add_magnitudes.f90Add magitudes and compute the total magnitude
 arcsec2deg_rad.f90Convert an angle expressed in arcseconds to degrees and radians
 azimuth2winddir.f90Convert azimuth to wind direction
 cal2gps.f90Convert calendar date/time to GPS time (1/1/2000 = 630720013.0)
 cal2jd.f90Compute the Julian day for a given calendar date
 cal2times.f90Convert calendar date/time from the system clock or command line to different time formats
 cal2unix.f90Convert calendar date/time to UNIX time stamp 0 = 1/1/1970 = JD 2440587.5
 code_version.f90Source file generated by CMake to report the astroTools version used
 comet_eq2ap.f90Calculate comet a,P from e and q
 dd2dms_rad.f90Convert an angle expressed in decimal degrees to degrees and arcminutes, degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds, and radians
 distance_in_sky_ecl.f90Calculate the angular distance between two positions on a stellar globe, in ecliptic coordinates (or any other system with longitude and latitude in degrees, like galactic)
 distance_in_sky_eq.f90Calculate the angular distance between two positions on a stellar globe, in equatorial coordinates
 dms2dd_rad.f90Convert an angle expressed in degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds to decimal degrees and radians
 eq2hor.f90Convert equatorial coordinates to horizontal
 functions.f90General procedures for astroTools
 gps2cal.f90Convert GPS time to calendar date and time
 jd2cal.f90Compute the calendar date, time and GMST for a given Julian day
 jd2times.f90Convert a Julian day to different time formats
 planetdata.f90Display the rise and set times of the Sun, the Moon and the planets for a given date and time, their
 rad2dd_dms.f90Convert an angle expressed in radians to decimal degrees, degrees and arcminutes, and degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds
 rect2spher.f90Convert rectangular coordinates to spherical coordinates
 settings.f90Display or set the astroTools settings file
 time2hms.f90Convert time expressed in decimal hours to hours and minutes, and hours, minutes and seconds
 unix2cal.f90Convert UNIX time stamp to calendar