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GNU General Public Licence, version 3 The package astroTools provides assorted command-line tools for astronomy and astrophysics, written in Fortran. The package is currently in the alpha stage; many programs sit around on my computer, waiting to be gathered, tidied up and added — stay tuned (April 2016). The default installer uses CMake. You will need to install the libraries libSUFR and libTheSky to compile astroTools. The code has been used with gfortran (4.8 or newer), g95 and Intel Fortran and can be used under the conditions of version 3 of the GPL. AstroTools is developed by AstroFloyd.

astroTools programs

Name Since Description
at_add_magnitudes v0.0.3 Add magnitudes and compute the total magnitude
at_arcsec2deg_rad v0.0.1 Convert an angle expressed in arcseconds to degrees and radians
at_azimuth2winddir v0.0.3 Convert azimuth to wind direction
at_cal2gps v0.0.2 Convert calendar date/time to GPS time
at_cal2jd v0.0.1 Compute the Julian day for a given calendar date
at_cal2times v0.0.2 Convert calendar date/time from the system clock or command line to a number of time formats
at_cal2unix v0.0.2 Convert calendar date/time to Unix time stamp
at_comet_eq2ap v0.0.1 Calculate the semi-major axis a and orbital period P of a comet from its eccentricity e and perihelion distance q
at_dd2dms_rad v0.0.1 Convert an angle expressed in decimal degrees to degrees and arcminutes, degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds, and radians
at_distance_in_sky_ecl v0.0.3 Calculate the angular distance between two positions on a stellar globe, in ecliptic, galactic, etc. coordinates
at_distance_in_sky_eq v0.0.3 Calculate the angular distance between two positions on a stellar globe, in equatorial coordinates
at_dms2dd_rad v0.0.1 Convert an angle expressed in degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds to decimal degrees and radians
at_eq2hor v0.0.2 Convert equatorial coordinates (RA, dec) to horizontal (az,alt)
at_gps2cal v0.0.2 Convert GPS time to calendar date and time
at_jd2cal v0.0.1 Compute the calendar date, time and GMST for a given Julian day
at_jd2times v0.0.2 Convert a Julian day to a number of time formats
at_planetdata v0.0.3 Compute rise/set times, planet data and a planet distance matrix for a given location and date
at_rad2dd_dms v0.0.1 Convert an angle expressed in radians to decimal degrees, degrees and arcminutes, and degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds
at_rect2spher v0.0.1 Convert rectangular coordinates to spherical coordinates
at_settings v0.0.3 Print the current settings and optionally create a new settings file
at_time2hms v0.0.3 Convert a time in hours to hours and minutes, and hours, minutes and seconds
at_unix2cal v0.0.2 Convert Unix time stamp to calendar

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GNU/Linux distributions

astroTools is available in the following Linux distributions:
Arch Linux: package astrotools in AUR
Gentoo Linux: package sci-astronomy/astrotools in the AstroFloyd overlay


You can contact AstroFloyd through or SourceForge.

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